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Your aid to travel and your partner in vacations, Rap destinations help you unwrap your spirit to journey through sands, seas, mountains and falls.

Sunsets from different landscape await for you
Pampering through planning

Started in the year 2021, with the sole motto of ‘Pampering through planning’, Rap destinations focuses on giving our seekers the exemplary vacation they are yearning for. From Honeymoon getaways to Family tours, bachelor/bachelorette parties to squad trips we own packages that are required for every travel need of yours.

UnRAP your stress

Travel with us to UnRAP Paradise and wrap up your stressors! We’re all about pampering our clients. Ponder, Plan & Pamper! Hassle-free planning of the trip, visas, flights, stunning accommodation, all transfers.

Espouse to your sojourns

By the means of our suave customization setup, we give you the control to plan, track and execute your own itinerary while being an espouse to your sojourns.

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company.

Smooth Travel Experience

From a hindrance-free itinerary to quick bookings and safe trips travels are made hassle-free at Rap destinations

24/7 Customer Service

A team of experts to not just plan and execute, but guide you from the start to end of your journey, our game at customer servicing is quite strong.

Transparent Planning

Every move, step, spendings and places that are a part of your itinerary will always be under your control.

Personalised care

We make sure that all your needs ranging from minor to major are skillfully met with undivided attention.

Happy Customers
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What Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

I planned my Egypt trip with RAP destinations and the entire trip was really soothing. Their customer care was on the dot whenever I pinged them for queries. I would love to travel with them again!
Raghuram, Chennai.
We got our Dubai trip planned through RAP destinations. Right from the initial plan which was in pieces to make it a practically feasible one, they’ve been with us. They were very professional. I loved their service and would love to come back to them for my future trips as well.
Rakshitha Sha, Surat.
We had a great time during our Bali trip planned by RAP destinations. They planned everything quite amazingly. It was indeed mind-boggling. Thank you RAP for making our vacation a memorable one
Stephen Raj, Madurai.
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.
Carmen Haas

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